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Frigidaire - Retro Toaster Grille - Pain

Frigidaire - Retro Toaster Grille - Pain

SKU: 1001532601

There's nothing quite like the feeling of nostalgia, so why not grab the retro toaster and think about the good old days while you toast your bread! The retro toaster from Frigidaire offers the perfect combination of retro design and an elegant and modern red color. Toast two slices of bread at the same time so you don't have to wait to make a sandwich or even give a slice to a friend. There's nothing worse than the bread crumbs that accumulate everywhere after a good toast, but now, with the garbage collection tray, you can avoid the damage and enjoy the crunchy taste of a perfectly baked toast.


  • Retro design goes with any décor and adds a bit of familiarity to the kitchen
  • The 2-slice toaster allows you to toast each slice to perfection every time
  • With adjustable burnishing control and grilling time, each person can grill according to their preference
  • Catch the crumbs with the garbage collector and avoid damage
  • Settings cancel, reheat, and thaw
  • 120V, 60HZ, 900W
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