# import the time module import time # define the countdown func. def countdown(t): while t: mins, secs = divmod(t, 60) timer = '{:02d}:{:02d}'.format(mins, secs) print(timer, end="\r") time.sleep(1) t -= 1 print('Happy Chinese New Year!') # input time in seconds t = input("Enter the time in seconds: ") # function call countdown(int(t))
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Job, Volunteer, and other opportunities!

The Asian Community Resource Center is dedicated to providing as many resources, referrals, and much more that our local Southern Nevada community can provide! Let us help you build your professional goals and aspirations! 

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Sometimes.. you have to think of what YOU want. 

Check here for monthly job opportunities! We try to work with our community  businesses and organizations to help local Nevadans find a job they feel fit for and prepare them through the process. 

Contact info@lvacrc.org for any questions!


PBS Office Supervisor | Director I, Program Development | TV Digital Content Producer

Posted 08/01/2022 for all 3 positions.

Apply here https://www.vegaspbs.org/jobs/

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