The History of ACRC


The Asian Community Resource Center (ACRC) was launched in October 2012 by Frida Tju and Emily Higby, who felt the need to assist the Asian Pacific Islander communities in educating and advocating for successful integration, education, and economic development into Southern Nevada.

ACRC provides a range of assistance to Asian Pacific Islanders to work in partnership with the state, community, and other agencies in human, economic development services, and health and wellness activities. 

One of ACRC’s goal is to increase the capacity of these individuals and families to become self-sufficient, help revitalize their community, and build stability so that they become able to create their own opportunities.

Through our services, we would encourage respectful connections with others, personal responsibility, and commitment. Our programs include thoughtful exploration of the issues that shape our communities, in hopes that each community member learn from interacting with each other.

ACRC’s additional goals include:


  • Assisting clients to assimilate into the greater Las Vegas and US communities

  • Cultivation of an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extends beyond  experience; 

  • Developing self-esteem and self-reliance through substantive responsibility and committed work ethic, including skills of independence

  • Eliciting reflective, empathic and sensitive personal responses to the needs and experiences of others

  • Encouragement of a lifetime commitment to community involvement as an integral part of a satisfying life

  • Increased understanding of the issues pertinent to the clients and their work environment

  • Nurturing a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship